Caspian Chick at Te Arai

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Recorded south of Te Arai Point by Johnny Kendrick in 1958.  Video digitised by Bring it On Studios, and edited by Chris Wild in 2011. Commentary from Johnny Kendrick, interviewed by Anna Wild 16 March 2012. Sound converted courtesy of Audacity Freeware. If you are having trouble viewing this, it may be your browser, try the MPEG version here.

Background to the footage: At the time of filming large numbers of Caspian, White Fronted and Fairy terns were nesting on the sand dunes from Pakiri and Te Arai through to Mangawhai.  The current Mangawhai Wildlife Refuge is the northern remnant of these dunes, the remainder are currently covered in pinus radiata plantations.   

Listen to Chris Wild's 2011 interview with Johnny Kendrick here.

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