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Information from ehive on the Arai Library. The Te of Te Arai was removed in some documentation to avoid confusion with Te Arai in Gisborne.

Arai Library
The Arai library was established in 1864 and we still have some of the earliest books. The library initially operated out of the Arai church which later burnt down. An earlier library building was replaced by this one, built for £23 in 1928 on Cemetery Rd, on land donated by Mrs. Martha Shepherd. In approximately 1970 it was shifted to the corner of Te Arai Rd corner and eventually to its present site in 1987. The Arai Library and Arai Church Trust was established in 1886 and a list of trustees added to over the years includes the names W.B.Farrand, T.Sturch, A.S.Boldero, C. Eyre, J.Western, (the next names were later additions),Shannon, Ellis, T.Eyre, Ormiston, Lawrence, Benton, Ryan, Carlif, Richards, Sellwood, Brown and Ryan

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