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Te Arai is home to a host of threatened species, its remote setting allows for relatively low levels of disturbance to wildlife when considered within the wider Auckland region.

 Australasian Bittern    Auckland Green Gecko    Banded dotterel    BlackBilledGull

Caspian Tern    grey duck    Katipo    nz fairy tern 

Northern New Zealand Dotterel    Pied Shag    Pingao Te Arai    rawiri 

Sand Coprosma    Sand Tussock    shore skink    White Fronted Tern 

Lacking the protection of the Barrier Islands, this high energy input coast is rare in Eastern Auckland.  This combined with its remoteness has made it the last refuge for many of Auckland's coastal species.  You share Te Arai with: 

1.Australasian Bittern 2 .Auckland Green Gecko  3.Banded Dotterel 4.Black billed Gull 5.Caspian Tern 6. Grey Duck 7.Katipo 8.New Zealand Fairy Tern 9. Northern New Zealand Dotterel 10. Pied Shag 11. Pingao 12. Rawiri 13. Sand Coprosma 14. Sand Tussock 15. Shore Skink 16. White Fronted Tern 17. Banded Rail

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