Conservation status of New Zealand reptiles2009

RA Hitchmougha*, JM Hoarea, H Jamiesona, D Newmana, MD Tochera, PJ Andersonb, M Lettinkc & AH Whitakerd Journal of New Zealand Zoology, 2010,Vol.37, Issue 3, pages 203-224 Available online: 15 Sep 2010

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The threat status of New Zealand's reptiles was re-evaluated, using revised New Zealand Threat Classification System criteria. The resulting list included 109 known taxa and undescribed entities—an increase of 11 since the 2005 listing. Two species were listed as Extinct; 17 taxa were listed as Threatened, including six as Nationally Critical, three as Nationally Endangered, and eight as Nationally Vulnerable; 51 taxa were listed as At Risk, including 10 Naturally Uncommon, 11 Relict, 3 Recovering, and 27 Declining; eight taxa were listed as Data Deficient; five visiting marine species were listed as Vagrant, and two as Migrant; 23 taxa were considered Not Threatened; and there was one Introduced and Naturalised species. The six taxa assessed as being at greatest risk of extinction (Nationally Critical) were all South Island skinks. Five taxa had improved in threat status since 2005 as a result of conservation management action. Two taxa had worsened in threat status due to potential threats from rabbit-driven predator irruptions plus the new threat of dairy conversion destroying habitat. The threat status of a further 24 taxa changed as a result of improved knowledge or a change in the criteria and/or categories since 2005

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