Charles Eyre Letter 1888

Charles Eyre to the Chairman, Crown Lands Board - Survey files, Mangawai Parish. Date: 4th June 1888. Archives New Zealand/Te Rua Mahara o te Kawanatanga, Auckland Regional Office. Ref. BAAZ 1108 27a 975.

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Te Arai

4th June 1888

The Chairman

Crown Lands Board


I see by the Weekly News you are about to lease part of the crown land in parish of Mangawai.  I will ask you to be kind enough to survey a road through it.  I having bought two hundred acres some years ago and having no road to it.  I cleared a road through the land you advertise for lease (about 400 acres) so that [one] could get to Mangawai for ...y goods and other settler's have benefited by the same road and there must be a road there some time.

Your earliest attendance [I?] will oblige,

I remain,


Yours Obediently,

Charles Eyre.

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