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A letter from gum digger Chas Brock requesting security around land use at Coal Hill, Te Arai. Dated 20th November 1895, addressed to Gerhard Mueller Esq.Commissioner of Crown Lands. Page one of two. Survey files, Mangawai Parish. Archives New Zealand, Auckland Regional Office, reference: BAAZ 1108 27a 975.

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Dear Sir,

There are several people here who say they are in treaty with you for the purchase of certain gum lands in this district, in particular on gum camp situated below Trig 33 and known as Coal Hill.  Would you kindly inform me whether this is the case, as there several families who have gone to expense and trouble of putting up wooden houses and fenced and cultivated a small piece of land as vegetable garden, fowl run etc, with the idea of making a home to compensate them for the rough life they have lead as gumdiggers.  I should also like to be informed whether in the event of the land being in the market:

1. Would not any one resident on the property have the first offer?

2. Should the land be sold to an outsider would not the purchasher be compelled to compensate for any buildings or improvements on the said land?

3. Is there not an act of Parilment forbidding the sale of land on men are digging or which is used as a gum camp?

I may add that should the camp in question be sold, access to a very large tract of country dug on by both settlers and diggers would be completely blocked.

Trusting you will pardon me for thus troubling you and remain,

Yours obediently,

Chas. G. Brock

Gerhard Mueller Esq.

Commissioner of Crown Lands


Letter courtesy of New Zealand Archives, Archives reference: BAAZ 1108 27a 975.

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