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The New Zealand Fairy Tern, also known as Tara Iti, is New Zealand's rarest bird. With only ten to eleven breeding pairs remaining, it is Critically Endangered. Te Arai Beach
Photographs taken by Roger Grace mid 2013 to illustrate the changes wrought on the physical environment of Te Arai Beach as a result of the Golf Course construction.
Te Arai's dunes are made up of layers of sand that date back 120,000 years to the Pleistocene epoch. Its upper Holocene sand layers, circa 12, 000 years ago, come
The Pingao plant , also known as Golden Sand Sedge or Pikao, has the National Threat Category of Gradual Decline (2005). Te Arai Beach has a relatively intact natural fore
Caspian Tern, also known as Taranui, has the 2008 National Threat Category of Nationally Vulnerable. Caspian terns nest in terneries at the Mangawhai Wildlife Refuge and use Te Arai Beach,