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The Black Billed Gull holds the 2008 National Threat Category of Nationally Endangered. They have been seen nesting at Mangawhai Wildlife Refuge, adjacent to Te Arai, and use Te Arai
Sand Tussock has the National Threat Category of Gradual Decline (2005). The dunes at Te Arai provide an important home for this threatened plant.
There were several schools in the Te Arai area at different times during the early years. Te Arai North School in 1875 was situated on Cemetery Rd, in 1888 Te
The following information was compiled from Erica Cowan's 1989 book - When You and I Were Young Maggie, The Jennings of Te Arai, Northland and their Connections. This extensive book
Charles and Elizabeth Eyre and their children arrived at Te Arai in 1859, settling on the coast at what is now called Eyre's point and farming land now belonging to