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Peat shrublands were plentiful in the Te Arai areas right up until the 1970s. This area was referred to as 'Black's Swamp and contained lowland manuka and kanuka mire shrub,
Te Arai's physical environment has been formed by many centuries of exposure to the winds and swells of the Pacific Ocean. Unlike the majority of beaches in the Auckland region
Lake Tomorata is a popular recreation lake within Eastern Rodney. It is a freshwater lake with a sandy base and its shores provide a home to a number of threatened
Photographs taken by Roger Grace mid 2013 to illustrate the changes wrought on the physical environment of Te Arai Beach as a result of the Golf Course construction.
Te Arai's dunes are made up of layers of sand that date back 120,000 years to the Pleistocene epoch. Its upper Holocene sand layers, circa 12, 000 years ago, come